Junior Development Academy - South Auckland Rangers

Youth Development Academy

HJ Elite Youth Development Program is geared towards providing world-class training; to enhance the development of players 14-17 years of age; at all skill levels.  This program challenges our adolescent and young adult players to really strive for excellence. 

At this stage in their soccer development, they are encouraged to adopt a professional mindset where they are now Competing to Win.  The inclusion of tactical training, match analysis, strategising/ planning, and focusing on mental fortuity are integral in achieving this Developmental Goal. The program also incorporates various components that are designed to optimise the body for competitive soccer.  These include:

  • Strength and conditioning
  • Muscle recovery sessions
  • Speed, Power, Agility Training
  • Targeted reaction time and general quickness

These are all vital for fostering the development of a potential elite soccer player. Every week will include these activities, boosting the player’s skill levels, confidence and overall physical performance.

The success and viability of our program is ultimately dependent on the production of healthy, well-adjusted players who can use the knowledge gained at HJ Elite Academy for success.

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