Soccer Coaching Auckland

Private Lessons (One-on-One)

At HJ Elite Soccer Academy we tailor our private one on one Soccer Training sessions to suit each player’s specific needs.  When designing each program, Coach Horace places his focus on the following:

  • The specific areas of development required to maximize performance
    • Increasing endurance capacities
    • Improving overall strength
    • Positively impacting lower limb control
    • Optimizing muscle memory and mobility

    Balance & Coordination, dribbling, passing, striking the ball are also specific aspects of the game; that are at the center of training inorder to offer the player opportunities for practise and mastery.  This is all done in an environment that offers correction and feedback to facilitate maximal player specific advances; while still fostering and maintaining a healthy love of the game.

Each individualized, private session is 45 mins, in duration and can be booked as a stand alone session or a block of up to 6 sessions; to be completed once or twice weekly; based on the player’s needs and Coach Horace’s plan of action.  

The ultimate goal of the HJ Elite One on One program is to maximize each players individual potential, inorder to make them an integral member of any team


Duration: 45 mins to 60mins 

My son has been involved in HJ’s academy for the past two terms. Horace’s coaching style is one that ensures the kids are enhancing their soccer abilities in a fun but competitive environment. I’m extremely happy with the academy and the positive impact it’s had on my son.