Junior Development Academy - South Auckland Rangers

Junior Soccer Development Academy

This comprehensive soccer program is designed to educate young players (ages 4-11 years old), improve their technical skills, and expand their overall understanding of the game; all whilst having fun. It does not matter if your child is a seasoned player or a beginner, this program will introduce them to the ball, playing with others, and learning basic ball skills. The coaches also assess each player individually, in order to identify his/ her areas of weakness and improve upon them. 

Each session includes skill exercises, fun games, and small team formations (selected at random) for free play to small goals.   These sessions are conducted on one of the premium grass fields.


During this program, training will focus on these areas:

  1. Skills/ Technique
  2. Tactical mobility
  3. Body Positioning & Awareness
  4. Control
  5. Ball Control
  6. Strategic Understanding
  7. Foot Preparation
  8. Agility and Balance
  9. Teamwork
  10. Player integration
  11. Intensity of Play
  12. Touches (1st, 2nd and beyond)

Upcoming Programs

My son has been involved in HJ’s academy for the past two terms. Horace’s coaching style is one that ensures the kids are enhancing their soccer abilities in a fun but competitive environment. I’m extremely happy with the academy and the positive impact it’s had on my son.