HJ Elite Academy

Developing future football players

Auckland's Premier Soccer Academy

Powered by professional footballer Alumni, Horace James, HJ Elite Soccer Academy offers a plethora of programs that are geared towards optimising the soccer capabilities of children (and young adults) 4 to 18 years of age. To maximise impact, we have programs in South and East Auckland with operational hours that cater to the hectic schedule of our school-going kids, their parents/caregivers, and for those players who may have jobs. HJ Elite enhances its impact by utilising a long-term development model which spans the four seasons; offering year round training and development options for our young soccer stars: in the making. We also maximise outcomes by ensuring that training is conducted on both grass and turf settings; dependent on the training location.

Our Values


This is essential both on and off the field; in order to create a healthy, safe and positive environment where players, coaches and support personnel can thrive!


This allows the player an opportunity to achieve their goals by absorbing the information necessary to make good decisions, especially when responding to an opponent or adapting to varied environments.


Without this element, the risk to the player can be severe and long lasting on both a physical and cognitive level. Safety practices must include respect and regard for the rules and regulations, the coaches and refereeing officials, age appropriate training practices, as well as the use of soccer safety gears.


This is important because it builds the players’ character by maximizing focus; to achieve the ability to work towards reaching their targets without distractions from internal and external factors.


This value is vital to every player’s success. A confident player will produce calm, composed tactical levels of play; as a result of a better understanding of themself through an understanding (with acceptance) of their strengthens and weaknesses.


A team is only as successful as the person(s) leading them and those setting the example; for others to follow. Through instructions, coaching, insight, supportive behaviours; effective leadership allows the team to master new skills by influencing the group to strive for a common objective.

The secret is to believe in your dreams; in your potential that you can be like your star, keep searching, keep believing and don’t lose faith in yourself.

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